Aberdeen Lacrosse Club (ALC) was first formed in 2002 by lacrosse enthusiasts Philip Smart and Rebecca Lovie.  Prior to the formation of the club the only opportunity to play lacrosse in Aberdeen was as a member of Aberdeen University Lacrosse Club, which at that time only offered women’s or mixed lacrosse to students of the University.  The aim of ALC was to introduce lacrosse to the people of Aberdeen and provide an opportunity for all to play.

The Granite City Gladiators was the first men’s lacrosse team in the city and participated in what was then the Anglo-Scots Lacrosse League.  The majority of the players in the team were from Aberdeen University and in 2003 they separated to form Aberdeen University Men’s Lacrosse Club and the existing club became Aberdeen University Women’s Lacrosse Club.

In September 2008, following several years of development work in local schools, ALC started training at Aberdeen Grammar School offering pop lacrosse sessions for under 14’s and mixed lacrosse sessions for 14+.  In 2009/10, they entered a team into Lacrosse Scotland‘s Mixed League and came second – a great result for the team’s first competitive season.

In 2013/14 ALC started working with students from Robert Gordon’s University (RGU) to help them set up a club and in 2014 RGU Lacrosse Club was officially formed.  RGU and ALC worked together to enter teams into the Lacrosse Scotland Leagues and Tournaments for three seasons from 2014/15 to 2016/17.

Unfortunately due to declining membership, ALC were no longer able to run their own programme and the decision was taken that members could continue to train and play with RGU Lacrosse Club as Community members.

ALC continues to maintain an online presence in the hope that someday someone may come along who has the passion, drive and time to resurrect the club.  If that person is you get in touch via the Facebook Page or Group.

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